Who Is She
Thanks for stopping by - Cheers to you, cheers to finding out who she is! Who what? WhoHer!

Thanks for stopping by - Cheers to you, cheers to finding out who she is! Who what? WhoHer!

Hello! I’m Kelsey, and I am the creator and curator of this tiny corner of the internet. I initially created this site to be a space for me to shout my thoughts into the void, but after some time passed (uhhh maybe over two years but who is counting) and I had literally nothing to show for it (except maybe one blog post that had many words but no message), I thought “WHAT IS THE POINT OF PAYING FOR THIS DOMAIN!!!!!”

There is no point in paying for something I am not going to be using, which honestly is why I have never secured a gym membership. I almost gave the domain up because it felt silly to hold onto something I had no plan for or real intention of taking advantage of. BUT inspiration came to me in a flash! (after many conversations and quite a bit of complaining about how I am not taking advantage of the creative juices in my brain) - But a flash nonetheless! I decided I was going to keep this space, but I was not going to limit it to myself and my opinions, beliefs, and worldview. There are too many different stories in this world, and to focus solely on one, to focus solely on myself, it feels like it would be a disservice.

I decided to name this website WhoHer because I wanted to explore who I am, but I also want to know about Her - I want to know what other women’s stories are, what makes her tick, what inspires her, who she looks up to and how she got to where she is today. Who is She? That’s what I am exploring - through profiles on women I know and admire, and also through writing on things that matter to me personally. I hope that in learning about other women, we can learn more about ourselves, and the world at large. Storytelling is the thread that holds our society together (according to the Game of Thrones series finale) and I want to champion the stories of women.

Want to know who She is? Let’s explore together!